• TR22023DV
    Textile Report Summer 24
  • TR12023DV
    Textile Report Spring 2024
  • TR42022DV
    Textile Report Winter 23/24
  • TR32022DV
    Textile Report Autumn 23/24
  • TR22022DV
    Textile Report Summer 23
  • TR12022DV
    Textile Report Spring 23
  • TR42021DV
    Textile Report Winter 22/23
  • TR32021DV
    Textile Report Autumn 22/23
  • TR22021DV
    Textile Report Summer 2022
  • TR12021DV
    Textile Report Spring 22
  • TR42020DV
    Textile Report Winter 21/22
  • TR32020DV
    Textile Report Autumn 21/22
  • TR22020DV
    Textile Report Summer 21
  • TR12020DV
    Textile Report Spring 21

ONLINE ACCESS | TEXTILE REPORT | Extensive trend information for the whole women’s textile and fashion market.+++a condensed survey on trends and markets brining trend moods exclusively created for the respective reports.+++ Posted in the run-up to the fabric and yarn fairs, with special focus on young women's wear, street fashion, designer collections, trade fair reports, colour and styling trends including fabrics and print designs.+++ Special reports on Knitwear, cocktail & eveningwear. Seasonal reports on colour trends, print trends, fabric trends and product trends. Highlights on key items, key shapes and key details. +++

The ideal offer not to miss out on any women’s trend and perfect update for early collections designers.

Key Focuses